Tuesday, September 28, 2010

flowers & courtyards

today it was a bit windy in logan, like always. i walked by a patch of flowers on campus on my way home from school..and i got a beautiful waft of pansies and babies breath... brought me back to the little courtyard on 4360 westwood avenue. major flashback.

oh that getto darling courtyard. lots of cement and bricks..and  mostly dirt..and bikes and toys..and a few little flowers. i remember pouring cups of water in the dirt and making mud pies.. filling up buckets of water and having my barbies swim and splash in them..(usually i used a laundry basket, and that didnt really work..)shameful ester dress pictures.. etc.

 we also had a sad little hibiscus plant, that never really adorned our courtyard because everytime a flower bloomed, one of the 5 sisters would promptly pluck it off and place it behind her ear, clad in the famous pink hawaiian dresses, and pretend we were maylie in 'blue hawaii' and proceed doing the hula.
(i miss hawaii and hibiscus flowers.)

i hope when i'm married and live on a ranch and have 16 children, they will always pick fresh flowers for me from the yard so we can always have them on our kitchen table. (and i hope they are smiling like kristin when they give them to me hahahahahha)

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Kristin May said...

I'm adorable. And you totally DID try to make the laundry baskets into pools. I remember that.