Tuesday, October 5, 2010


so heres some random stuff:

-i went to pilates today cuz i need to lose the weight of a large infant. it was pretty okay, minus the fact that my elbow pits are sore. ????

-i'm heading to fresno with boy next week. :) killer fall vacay, yes?

-my momma is in california taking care of my grandpa. shes a good daughter to him.

-i havent seen the floor of my bedroom for weeks.

-true life: i'm addicited to halo

-today lauren and i hit up borders and read magazines and nommed on pumpkin bread samples for about 2 hours. it was heaven. the smell of that place just gives me the happies.

-school is just fine.

-boy and i went to conference. he was whispering in my ear facts about the general authorities about every 3 minutes. seriously. he also said during the prayer, 'look! Henry B. has his eyes open!!!!!'

-hearing 'I am a child of God' sung by 20,000 people is quite powerful.

-my dear livvy is moving out and moving to provo soon so she can marry her cute boyfriend in the future.. (its not official yet. don't say anything.)

-the plumbing in my house sounds like a basilisk



MissyJEE said...

i love you and everything about you, especially when you make hp references. :)

Ali Anderson said...

COLE! i freaking love this post, mostly because basilisk, and we love harry potter, and i love harry potter, and you love harry potter, and we both love it, and i love you. there is a lot of love going around.. i feel as though much of it originates from our prized j.k. rowling novel. love ya girl, haven't seen you in a while. :(