Sunday, June 12, 2011


ATTENTION: no this giveaway is not from me....
Click HERE for details!!!! Oh happy day..i love you.
i peed my pants and started dreamning about this giveaway since i found it online. am i obsessed? yes. maybe. TOTALLY. if i won a trip to PARIS? i'd pee myself. who gives away a free trip to PARIS!?!? the city of LOVE!?!?

GO ENTER!! i'd sincerely hope you all win..but i dont. i want to win. odds are in my favor.. right? it could happen? i gotta wear my lucky socks all week or something. SARRRRRRRRY.

"Jordan, PICK ME!!!"

( also......... i'd like to shout out to 100th follower. you made my blogging-geekdom dreams come true!!!!)

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