Tuesday, October 11, 2011


i was tagged over @ this cute blog to do this little bloggy thing.... and i have homework so its totally a perfect time to do this...so.. here we goooo! 7 random things about MOI...

1. I prefer to eat icecream with a fork. its much less...cold or something, i dont know. Try it first, then judge me.

2. I know every single word in the song 'Gangsters Paradise' and have since the age of 5. when dangerous minds came out and my sister was so obsessed, she taped coolio's song off the radio. HA. (those of you who know me, already know this fact about me.)

3. Corndogs make my teeth sqeaky and otter pops make me choke.

4. Sometimes..when i'm home alone at my parents house...i get in my parents bed and i watch episodes of Arthur on PBS. It seriously brings back such wonderful elementary memories i can't help it. A-A-R-D....V-A-R-K

5. I've found that the majority of the times i sing along to a song, its in a fake/real hysterical crying voice. (such as adele...IIII WONNNNNT...LET YOUUU..CLOSE ENOUGH TO HURT MEEE...) people think its funny, but i'm being mostly serious.

6. I prefer to date skinny boys. Muscles are gross to me for some reason....mind you, i want a man who is able to lift me, but meat-heads who spend more time flexing than flossing, are not my thing. put those creatine shakes down, boys!

7. I applied for graduation last week and am terrified of whats to come. Ive been deciding what to do with  my life once i'm done with college, and its come down to:
   -get a lame job in utah and live by myself..possibly recruit my dog lady to come live with me.
   -volunteer in a country my parents would probably never let me go to
   -....go on a scenic trip to ireland, get lost in a state park, meet an irish man on the road, follow him to a pub and marry him

(i'm thinking the 3rd option is the best at this point. Please...tell me your thoughts. i beg of you. im desperate to find a life.)

wasting time on the interwebz like me? fill out this chain-blog-post yourself, snitches!

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Robby Spratt said...

I moved to Ireland when I was 19 and lived there for two years. ;)
So if you need some info I can help you out.

Melissy J said...

I love the aardvark thing...i totally read it like he says it. The third option would be awesome! But the second one seems tempting as well. this was fun to read, thanks!

brittyd said...

Umm knee-cole. I AM IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU. But this is what we're going to do:

1-get a job and earn lots of money like teachers and social workers do.

2-we can find a place to live and we'll bring our dogs with us...we may or may not become animal hoarders, but it's fine.

3-after we've saved enough money, we'll find a baby-sitter for our dogs and then move to a country BOTH our parents won't let us go to and we'll help orphaned children and crap like that.

Well...that's what I got so far. Pretty good, eh? eh?

Summer said...

ummm I'm thinkin the third option is the way to go. buuutttt I def. need to come and find me one too please. plus I've heard Ireland is gorgeousss!

Amylee said...

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look at my life and realize there's nothing left.... Great memories of walking to and from the 6th grade at Windridge Elementary and listening to my walkman.

You're funny.

Brooke Shoko said...

brooke votes you go to ireland.