Saturday, March 3, 2012

wanna know what i love?

i love seeing mamas hold their babies.

a lot of times at the hospital we help out moms who come from a really rough background...have really hard lives and struggle to take proper care of their babies due to drug addiction, abusive situations...etc.

but what i love?
is when i see one of those specific moms hold their baby so lovingly, and with so much admiration, that they will try their absolute hardest to give that little bundle of joy the best life possible.

there is nothing that comes close to seeing a new mom adore and love on her baby, especially when their lives haven't been a piece of cake. thats what i love.


jason & kiley. said...

I want you to see me like nine months!.......haha jk. But I do want a baby soooooo bad!

Mindy said...

I don't have your email. Weird. I am letting you know your post will appear on the blog on Saturday! :) Yay!