Wednesday, June 20, 2012

random l8ly

i am so incredibly tired.

but as of late:

-no matter how tired i am, i cant fall asleep till 4.....AM. even when my eyes STING with tiredness.

-e eht chek fel e evreh deh. chek fel e seuce es lequed GELD.

-somehow i've kept all the weight i've lost off so far and i feel like a superfox. thumbs up for nadeene.

-commuting in rush hour makes me have road rage and wish Heavenly Father would just let me apparate places already.

-(after that thought leaves, i wonder why the floo network doesnt exist either)

-i need to buy my OWN car and i WEALLY want a jetta. *stay tuned for me growing up and being an adult*

-when it comes to clothes, even summer clothes...i'm a quite modest girl and have recently appreciated this about myself. i respect girls who wear clothes. (insert dog faced hooker meme here).

-i finally started painting again. maybe i'll show all you snitches when i'm done.

-bad things wont last forever even when you are sure they will.

-i love my triplet babes more and more each day. ive only been their nanny for a little over a month, but can decipher certain cries from certain babes through the baby monitor, feed 3 babes successfully at the same time, have tought 2 babes to high five and 1 to fake sneeze (giggles for years), and i have become a PRO at diaper changing. lulz. *unsnap onzie, unfasten, legs up, baby wipes, new diapy, legs down, baby powder, fasten, resnap onezie*

-i was taken aback and thoroughly entertained when i heard my boss's housekeeper's cell phone go off today. the ringtone was some hip new usher jam. she is well into her 50's. winning.

-my friend told me about a doula workshop she took and i TOTES am gonna do it and become certified. i love moms, babies, pregnancy, social needs and medical its perfect...i can't wait to do it. who wants a F.U.N. birthing coach!?!? (but im serious you guys) (hire me) (i'll do it for free)

-all iphone users: go download the game 'bag it'. you won't regret it

-my mother is a wonderful person who knows me and knows exactly what my heart needs to hear



Robby Spratt said...

Sorry you aren't sleeping well. I don't usually sleep very well either. If you find a solution, please let me know.
Good luck with your car search. Buying your own car is a lot of fun. After I graduated I also bought my first car. It is a tremendous feeling to own something significant. :)
As for your modesty, there are guys out there who will appreciate that about you. Good job not dressing like a hooker. :)
Also, I took your advice and downloaded Bag It. It may have been the cause of me wasting a lot of time at work today. ;) You were right though, I don't regret it. I think now I will have to buy the full version.

Rachel Nell said...

I also appreciate that you wear modest summer clothes. Modest is hottest! Also, I've heard Jettas are high maintenance and expensive to repair. But that might have just been the old ones.