Monday, April 27, 2009

the country is going down the toilet

and obama has his hand on the flusher.

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evidence # 1: Pirates. "Do not mistreat the pirates!"
evidence # 2: The little 'photo op' stunt Air Force One took that scared the pants off the new yorkers today.
evidence # 3: Obama says the the swine flu is 'Not a cause for alarm'. (even though people are dropping like flies.)

i do not know much about politics. i truly don't. so don't argue with me, because you'll win. i just feel like this is whats going on at the white house:
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that is all.


Anonymous said...

.... growl...

cole linnae said...

oh kirk. go crush on the president somewhere other than my BLOG

ps i miss you

Tami said...

I like Obama, but I love that animation of the White House peeps in the jeep. Also, stop watching Fox News.

cole linnae said...

go commando, democrat.

jackie herself said...

sometimes, i have a hard time determining what is funnier. your blog, or the comments they bring out.

itsjustmom said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha.