Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i'm. going. crazy.

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things i've learned this semester:

-living with girls is absolute hades
-you should judge someone by how they treat others, not how they treat you
-don't expect someone to bust their butt for you, even if you bust it for them
-i hate girls
-uhhh people lie ALL the time
-lately, racist people are THIS close away from getting punched in the face by yours truly
-i hate girls
-having 2 roomates clean the house where the other one does nothing... hmm.. slightly annoying.
-i hate girls
-i've been anti-dating the past few months, but would KILL to have a boyfriend so i could spend my days at his house to get away from Snow 505.
-i want to pull my hair out
-screaming into pillows makes me light headed
-i probably have pms
-i hate girls


Dallas and Amylee said...

Oh dear. You need some funfetti cake.
I love you, remember that.
And, I'm a girl, and you don't hate me :o)

cole linnae said...

i dont hate you or my sisters or my mom.


Christy Marie said...

or me. :)