Sunday, July 19, 2009

'but i always need you!'

one morning when bev awoke (you know.. only my favorite 93 year old in the whole world) .. i was helping her to the bedside commode, and ron was already waiting for her to wake up. she saw him across the hall and waved like a little school girl, (mid-pee, mind you.) 5 minutes later, ron came hobbling into her room, out of breath with his squeaky walker. bevs face lit up like a kid in a candy store. she was smiling so big that her wrinkles had wrinkles, and i couldn't help but smile. imagine this conversation, in the thickest tennessee accent possible.

ron: Good morning precious!
bev: Good morning dear!!
ron: How did you sleep?
bev: Just fine thanks.
ron: Good to hear. Do you have time for a kiss?
bev: What? (bev lost her hearing aide. We are still looking for it.)
bev: (checks watch)
ron: (hobbles over and gives her three kisses, like always.)
bev: Thank you dear!
ron: You're welcome precious. Would you like to have breakfast with me?
bev: What?
bev: OH!! of course. but i think i'll go back to bed first.
ron: Of course you would dear. (Giggles and looks at me. he hobbles out, turns around at the doorway, and blows a kiss to her.) Call me if you need me dear!
bev: (catches kiss and smiles at him) ...But i always need you.

tears welled up in my eyes. seriously. ron in the doorway in his robe that showed his skinny old legs, and bev on the bedside commode in her long pink nightie. both of them had morning breath and couldnt hear a single word the other was saying. but they smiled like it didn't matter. and there i was, sitting next to bev on the chase lounge, crying my eyes out while i wiped the tears away trying not to upset bev. i love them. i love how in love they are. i love that they look at eachother like they are 20 years old. i love how when bev wanders into his room at night because of the alzheimers, she wakes him up and he doesnt mind. in fact, she leans over him and says, 'Ron? Ron!? did you call my name? Are you okay?' He wakes up from a deep sleep and instead of being startled or angry, he smiles so wide and reaches up to kiss her on the lips. 'No precious, but i wish i had! I'll see you in a few minutes, okay?'.

i always listen to their converstaion on the baby monitor when he tucks her in.. but sometimes ron falls asleep so i get to tuck bev in myself. i give her a sip of water, (because if i don't, she'll wake up in the middle of the night and say, 'nurse! nurse! my mouth is as dry as a stick!'), put chapstick on her lips, fold her sheet halfway over her comforter and ask if shes comfortable. everynight she grabs my hand and everynight she says the same thing. 'Oh yes I'm comfortable. Thank you for all you do. You spoil me, there will be no livin' with me soon! Thank you. Have a good night sleep!' I always try and think of the different ways i can say 'youre welcome', because she thanks me so much.
Shes the greatest lady ever. she cant stand the feel of carpet on her feet so she always has to wear her pink slippers. hahahahh and when i put lotion on her, she always says, 'purrrr purrrr!' like a cat, and we both end up laughing so hard that neither of us can breathe.

I'm convinced that i have the best job in the world. sure a few diapers here and there, but it doesnt gross me out at all. i'm gonna miss my job.

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Dallas and Amylee said...

That is a rewarding job.
You can write, my friend.