Monday, July 13, 2009

who on earth.. would sport those?

there are no words. actually. there are. heres a few..
i was flipping through a magazine the other day... and saw this:

now.. lets take a closer look..

woof. or should i say 'neigh'. or maybe even 'spit spit' (camel noise.)

yes, she is wearing hoof-style boots. i think it looks like the toe of a camel...or shall i say.. a camel toe. think what you must, but i think little miss carrie bradshaw took a dive into the fashion pool of disaster on this one. not that im a fashion style diva or anything.. i wear matching pajama sets for crying out loud, but i do have eyeballs. if only stacy and clinton knew about this one. haaaaaa sarah jessica parker. haaaaaa. thank you for making my day with your awful, awful choice of footwear.


Tami said...

List of people who would wear these:
1. Satan's stylish little sister
2. ...that's pretty much all I can think of.

Also, the fug girls have a funny commentary on this very atrocity:

itsjustmom said...

Those boots made even me gasp! PS that is not SJP.

cole linnae said...

haha mom yes it is.

Emma said...

Yum. Camel toes... perfect