Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'll miss..

things i'll miss about being a hospice aide:

-hearing the same stories over and over again, and listening like i've never heard them before

-hearing the 20 minute ice cream joke that ron tells everytime he has icecream

-helping my sweet little bev to bed every night

-having ken say 'hello' in the nicest voice he can muster.

-trying to figure out what ken means just from the few words he can use, and seeing the look on his face when i get it right.

-hearing the funny things my patients say in their sleep.. 'dwight howard!'

-the stories they tell from their childhood

-the stories about falling in love with their spouse

-hearing about their travels around the world

-hearing what it was like to climb Mount Everest (really. it happened, before she went crazy.)

-being genuinely thanked

-making breakfast and dinner for my patients

-hearing about what the war was like

-holding thier hands

-reminding bev what her walker is for

-hearing what it was like to see babe ruth play baseball
and growing up in the italian immigration part of brooklyn

-asking ron who his favorite president was and hearing 'roosevelt' and genuinely being shocked at how ancient he is

-watching sherlock holmes, perry mason, wheel of fortune, and jeopardy with them

-hearing margorie's random answers when i ask her a question. (ex. 'my cat had a phonecall' or 'there are educated outlaws tapping my phonelines')

three more days of work then i'm done. boo. :(

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Andra said...

I think you are amazing.