Sunday, September 13, 2009


- i come off as a mean and rude person most times
- i sleep too much of the day away
- i tend to be gravitated toward the poptart aisle at walmart
- i have a bigger butt than yours
- i'm always bitter about ex boyfriends, even if i didn't like em that much
- i over analyze things and take things to heart when i shouldn't
- i spend too much time on facebook
- i have moments where i cry alot..and hysterically over small things
- i tend to always take the easy way out

..and i don't care. i'm happy with my life just the way i am.


Dallas and Amylee said...

Now I know why we are friends.

Rachel Nell said...

I love Nicole, just the way she is. I wouldn't change anything about her.

itsjustmom said...

Oh honey this is not all there is to you. You are so much more 8)