Thursday, November 26, 2009

bigs and littles

heppy thanksgibbing everyone. :) hooray to the pilgrams for comin on over to start a wonnnnnderful land of the free. ps did you know that they brought 44 tons of BEER to the US? and only 10,000 gallons of water? pah-the-tic. no wonder every 3 seconds someone dies from alcohol poisoning.

anyways. im thankful for alot. im thankful for alot of the big things in life, but i'm also sooo grateful for the little things.

i'm thankful for..

-When my mom gets up on the little kitchen stool to search for spices in our spice cabinet

-When we break things and my pa fixes it in .02 seconds. he is magic

-My dog and how stupid he is, because he makes for great jokes. (minus when he bites little kids)

-Sister moments..example: when we have laughing attacks, or tell stories about our horrifying experiences in 'maturation' class back in the 5th grade (not a normal thing, just a funny thing that happened today. i swear.), or when we re-live childhood experiences that make us laugh until sheer tears of shame and hilariousness pour from our eyes because we were such awkward children.

-Locks on our doors so when we hear gunshots we can lock ourselves into safety asap. (mostly so michelle won't complain all night. =) love you.)

-Chocolate. Seriously

-Education. Though Logan is frigid.. (and sometimes when im experiencing the awful windchill in the morning.. i feel like hell would be decked out in ice instead of fire. ya? no? you agree?).. I'm grateful for the opportunity i have to get a good education and have parents who support the choices i make. righteous!

-Medicine. Without it, We wouldnt be able to spend extra years with our wonderful and hilarious mother. She is great. God bless chemotherapy and all the brilliant doctors out there. thank you for saving my ma, so we can have plenty of more thanksgivings together. and so she can frantically make pies the night before thanksgiving. shes so cute =)

-Friends. "People are better than no people". Sometimes you find out that your 'friends' arent really 'friends' and that sucks. But when you find a good one, a really good one, i've learned to hold onto that no matter what.

-Gospel. I'm blessed because i have total ocd about certain things..and somehow i've kept my new years resolution in reading my scrips and praying every night. how it happened? i don't know, but i'm so thankful that i've been able to do that and that i can't go to sleep without it. I'm thankful for the joy that the gospel brings into my life and the spirit it brings into our home.

-Love. Not romantic love or anything..just love. love for family, love for church, love for theater, love for learning, love for friends, love for missionaries.
"They do not love, who do not show their love" - William Shakespeare

I am so lucky.


Dallas and Amylee said...

And I'm thankful for you. Because you never cease to make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. (In the happy way, and not the creepy way).

Rachel Nell said...

Thank you for this, Nicole. I know it's cliche to say it because it's thanksgiving and all, but I really am so grateful to have you as a friend. You truly are an amazing example. I love you!