Saturday, November 21, 2009

strange weekend

this weekend has been odd. and really sad actually.

-I haven't done hardly any homework today.. which is really strange.

-USU lost to BSU in front of anyone in the U.S. who watches ESPN. hahahaa. we are awful and we always will be. God bless the true blooded Aggies! Dream big football team, dream big.

-I got an e-mail from my friend in Afghanistan! I'm glad I'm only hearing about his problems with the sand and not gunshot wounds. Thank heavens. I can only imagine what he's been seeing lately.

-I just went to the grocery store and got chocolate milk, sunny d, pomegranate juice, and a huge jug of water. dehydrated? i think so.

-A perfect little jar of Nutella somehow jumped into my cart again. I dunno how it happened.

And worst of all..
-A 19 year old boy died last night in my apartment complex. They don't know what happened either, they think it was a heart attack..and the police already ruled out drugs and alcohol. He was supposed to pick someone up but never showed, so his parents tried to phone him all day. They finally got a hold of his roommate and asked the roommate to see if he could find their son for them. His roommate walked into his room and found him dead, lying in his bed. Apparently he was there all day and no one noticed. No one noticed that he had died. All day. He was in my ward, but no one really knew him or who he was. How pathetic is that? That we don't know if he was a member or not or if he just didn't come to church often or even who his friends were? Its been hurting my heart all day. For his roommate who found him, for his friends, and especially for his family who won't be having their son home for thanksgiving this weekend :(

strange weekend.