Thursday, July 15, 2010


me: boys, i want you to be good the whole rest of this week because i'm leaving soon..ok?
chasey: .....wha...what? but i might.. i might miss you!

so the truth comes out. after i've been:

spit on
hit on
yelled at
screamed at
flirted with
whined at
ran from
and just hated on in general by two darling little boys...

the truth comes out.

here are chasey's latest chaseyisms so i dont forget..

"Di you know that Octimus Prime...."


" there was this big giant graping whole dat you.. dat you coul um, fall into."

"nosepose!" (when he runs up to my face and give sme eskimo kisses. don't ask me where he got the phrase 'nosepose')


"wha can i have to eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat?"

"Ca i have a pocksickle?"


oh chasey. how you entertain me for days on end.
you're especially a good boy when cadens at summer camp.
i also love how my laptop can entertain you for days on end as well.
especially realizing there are avatars and funny voices.



Tami said...

HYahahaha. That second video is amazing.

Rachel Nell said...

He is so super cute. Those boys love you. There's no way the couldn't. P.S. That cat thing is super creepy.