Sunday, July 4, 2010

i think the sky is closer here.

island blackouts make for pretty killer star gazing nights.
no lights + middle of pacific ocean + feeling like the sky is right ontop of your head.... = beauty. i decided that next saturday i'm going up to mauna kea (the observatory) to go check it out. i can't WAIIIIIT. (ps yes this photo was taken from that very observatory i'm going to! the nerd inside of me cannot wait.)

it sort of was quite the terror movie when rebecca and i were suddenly told to leave walmart because the power was NOT coming back on. and if youve ever been in a giant warehouse in the pitch black? not okay. (we proceeded to try on fake wedding rings for another 5 minutes before they told us to REALLY get out). my first thought was a murderer probably did it to kill some people. or steal stuff or something.

after waiting it out on the bench outside the next 20 minutes, we decided to call it a night when 70 yr old creepermccreeperson rolled up in an old truck and asked us 'beautiful ladies' if we needed a lift somewhere...he then shouted how attractive he thought we were as he tore away. rebeccas response? "ITS PITCH BLACK OUT HERE- YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE US YA BIG CREEP!!!!!!!!!"

mind you, i was terrified driving home from kona because all the streetlights were out. and that narrow palani highway is bad enough because of the little wild devil goats that hop out onto the road at random intervals throughout the day. this is no joke. feral mountain goats seem to make lava rock their home sweet home.

along with devil goats, are little squirrel looking things with super long tails..which i ran over the other day. and when i say 'ran over' i mean the squirrel thing was petrified in the middle of the road holding a nut or something, and i refused to the little varmint just got a nice view of the underside of the car while its little heart probably stopped. poor thing. funny though. (also, as i was googling "hawaiian squirrels" since i didnt know the REAL name of them.. found this little gem. i bet this is what the little guy looked like after i ran over him.

in other news, i went to the most amazing secret little beach here. its right before a really popular beach, so no one really cares to check it out.. but its this adorable little white sand cove that alot of families go to because the waves arent too bad. after a few days of going here and falling in love with it...i decided to try out the snorkeling. holy cow. amazing. i've never experienced anything like it in my entire life! i felt like i was swimmin with nemo & friends. everywhere i looked were the most beautiful tropical fish..and even right up by the shore, was this huge school of opaque no-name tropical fish that you can only see underwater. there were probably 200 of them just hangin out, nbd. it was breathtaking. i wanna conquer my fear and go a BIT farther out past the rocks..but lets be real. ever seen 'shark week' on the discovery channel? i refuse to ever be a guest on that show. case closed.

(note: the woman in the bikini is not me. OBVIOUSLY. just.. those are the fish that i saw.)

ps- after my amazing snorkeling adventure...i gazed over to the beach across the way that was even more secluded....wondering how on earth those little fellows doing yoga got over there...

and then i realized that they were naked.

all naked.

that is not okay with me.
the end.

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MissyJEE said...

a. the naked thing? hahahahhahahah.
b. i am sooooo happy you're having such a magical time. :)