Wednesday, July 14, 2010

there are two things i love..

Sassy gay boys.

i mean.. i really love shakespeare. i got this really nice edition of the Complete Works for Christmas..AND i just ate up my Shakespeare Lit class freshman year.
(Bless you, Advanced Theater 06-07, for making me this way)

..and funny gay boys just light up my day. mostly because of two people:

ANYWAYS, enjoy the video. you can thank Brady Mathews for introducing this gem to me.
(also.. i apologize for the 2 naughty wordsat the end :/ )
(and no brady is not gay, though he enjoys sassy humor)


Amylee said...

I do believe those are the best gay boys I know.

itsjustmom said...

I find it a little disturbing you love gay sassy men :(

cole linnae said...

oh mom, love was an overstatement. i just think they are very funny is all.

(and don't tell me you dont think a select few gay guys on HGTV aren't just adorable)

MissyJEE said...


Tami said...

"Oh-feelya-so-bad-for-yourself move away from the water!"

Haaaaa haaaa haaaaa.

Lindsi said...

ROSS MATHEWS!! Im going to see you in a few days!

Jesse & Katie Rindlesbach said...

i love Ross the Intern!!! :)