Friday, April 8, 2011

hello world + p.s.x5

back to open this journal to the winterwebz.

i have to work in 7 hours...
its my boys spring break this i'm working more than usual.
so work means- i get to hang out with my sweet darling little boys and play wii with them and fix them sammiches and chips for lunch. is it bad that i fall asleep at work sometimes when we watch tv and everytime corb says, 'aaaaare you tired or something? um nicole, can we have dinner now?' ha... i need to get to bed earlier..embarrassing. dont tell my boss :(

the other day we were playing video games and corb was racing his racecar like a crazy person... driving it off cliffs and what not. and out of nowhere he said to himself,
"they call me.... extreme grandma....."
i love him. that same day, we were playing 'sardines' with his two soon-to-be step brothers
(whom i love).. and the little one, alex (who is 7 but looks like he's 4..) said to me..
alex: " can't play this game really. you are too big."
(awkward pause)
corbin: "UHM! don't be rude alex."
me: " i'm 21.. i am..too big for it. ha..ha?"

FAIL. i couldnt fit in any of the small places and be descrete about my good hiding spots. :( so what if i couldnt fit under the bed!?!?!? so what if i'm too chubby for childs play!? whatever.


umm ps...i WILL find that movie scene i mentioned earlier for all of you soon. my roommie returned it before i had the chance to pathetically type it out.

and ps.... my new obsession is GO THERE. lemme know if you want an invite so you can picture stalk!

ps also- go to my sisters photography site. she is cute.

ps again.  today, i am orange.

ps, here is a picture that may just terrify you/make you belly laugh.



Christy Marie said...

this just in: I already forgot the color code :) haaaa but I love you.

Kiva said...

Orange, good to hear.