Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my ozzie.

ugh. i have only cried once since we ozzie to sleep on saturday. i'm in denial. ok maybe i'm in some serious denial. even when my sister talked about it a few weeks ago, i just told her it wasn't really gonna happen.  but...i am writing this for my sissys and my mama so they know they arent the only ones being sad. :(
and FYI i am going to sound like a weird animal lady. welp. i am.

(thizz face. he also liked to show his grill)

ive been saying my quiet little goodbyes to him every weekend for the past month.. because we knew we were going to have to put him to sleep soon. (he likes to bite strangers...and has bitten way too many lately) he was just a really good guard dog...thats all. poor guy. so what if kids on bikes looked like yummy meals to him? it wasnt his fault. :(

i got ozzie when i was 15, after me and my stupid boyfriend just broke up. i was sooooo sad and depressed, that one day at lunch i had my mom pick me up from jr. high and take me to the pet store, 'just to look.' ( yeah right, i saw ozzie earlier that week when i went with brooke to get her kitten...and i knew my mom would be a sucker if she saw this little guy.)

anywho, she saw little oz trying to cuddle with the other puppies in the cage. they shunned him, because he was awkward...and my mom felt so bad for him that she picked up the awkward little one-blue eyed dog and BAM. she was sold. she didnt let him go! we (she) paid for him, and took him home without telling my dad. hahaha. (dad learned to love him. especially when oz would steal the show during scripture study.....:/ )
anyways, my family fell in love with this awkward little puppy and has loved him so much even though he sort of was bad. my mom took care of him the most. she seriously was his bff..he wouldnt even eat if she wasnt sitting in the room with him. i'm so grateful i tricked her into buying him that day.

he's been there through everything with us! i dunno about all my sisters, but he was especially a huge comfort during my mom's cancer and all the hard stuff. he was just a big dorky comforting dog.. :( he was our go-to-guy when we all needed someone. he'd never tell us to shut up. he'd just look at us over his shoulder and pretend he was listening and then do something stupid to cheer us up. he was funny like that. he'd also ALWAYS photobomb our family pictures. he had such a weird personality, he fit right in with us (you guys, i sound weird. but if you've had a dog for that long/longer you'd understand) cmon. ONE BLUE EYE? how can you not love him?

okay so the moral of this story, is we are not pet people...something ALWAYS goes wrong with our pets. but somehow we managed to keep oz with us for 6 whole years. and 6 whole years? even though he bit everyone and was a little bit stupid/sketchy.. he was the best dog ever. from the time i was 15-21.........i've had a lot of relationship drama. and the most tender thing i'll remember about my oz... was whenever i'd have a breakup.. i'd always go down stairs late at night when everyone was sleeping and pet his head and cry...and i'd say, "at least you still love me oz, right? you'd never be mean or cheat on me. you'd never do that to me cuz youre my good boy. at least you love me." and i'd cry cry cry and he'd look at me with his stupid dummy look. i cried to him a lot. he'd comfort me in his own little way.
and i loved him for that.

why is it us humans get so attached to animals? WHY WHY WHY.
at least he is in dog heaven and biting all the people he wants up there. and he isnt limping because his legs are too little to support his fat body :(
my momma said he died peacefully. and she held his head and petted him until it was over and he was gone. :(

i came home at 2 in the morning the night we put him to sleep. i rattled the doornob as usual, and was so sad i didn't hear his loud obnoxious bark. he always gave me away when i'd try to be quiet about missing curfew....but saturday night, i missed it and started crying.
 miss you ozzie. you weird, one blue eyed sweetie.

(oz agreed to be ron weasley for halloween)

(midget legs galloping away with his christmas antlers we put on him hahaha. he was vicious when we tried to dress him up.)

(jolly old st nick face? HAHAHHA. probably mocking us for trying to dress him up in the christmas antlers.)

(ozzie and his best friend, lady. two peas in a pod. she is so lonely now..wouldn't eat or play the day she realized ozzie was gone.)

(snuck him a popsicle right before my parents took him away. he deserved it. yum.)

(last time with my oz)


The Forsyths said...

Sorry Nicole:(
I remember the feeling, putting dogs to sleep is hard. love u.

Tami said...


accidental country girl. said...

from one crazy animal woman to another - having to say goodbye to your furry little friends is so so hard. i'm sorry =(

itsjustmom said...

Thought I was done crying till I read that. :`(