Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in ___ years...

IN ONE YEAR.... i hope to...
be graduating college with my class. on time. (stellar? YES.)
have met a wonderful man who will become my husband.
be crazy in love with that man.
have that man be crazy in love with me.
have a job and have had a successful internship at the hospital.
make a difference in peoples lives.
be happy.

IN FIVE YEARS...i hope to...
have been married in the temple!!
have traveled to another country.
be a good wife and love my hubbie.
work a bit as a social worker while i can.
have a baby or two. (I will be 26...maybe i'll have three?)
have a happy home with my little family.
still be in contact with my closest friends.
decorate my house all cute-sie like with all my random dreams and ideas.
be happy.

IN TEN YEARS....i hope to..
(omg i'll be 31.)
have 4ish children.
still love my husband as much as i did on the day i married him.
be skinny again even though i'll have birthed babies. (doubtful i'll ever lose the baby weight i'll get)
finally be able to cook a successful meal without burning it or having it turn out nasty.
not have crazy little kids so i dont have to make them "leash kids" (ahem ahem, MOM).
recieve christmas cards from my close friends and their growing families.
have my kids spend lots of time with 'grandma and grandpa' so they get to know how wonderful they are.
have my kids be bff with their cousins
be happy.


I definitely am looking forward to starting my life and being & staying HAPPY. i look forward to meeting a good-hearted man who will love me forever, and that i can love forever. he will be honest and kind and special. i dont want to meet just any man and rush into life. i dont think thats right. i want to meet the RIGHT one for me. (Heaven and knows i've been through a lot of wrong ones.) anyway, dont get me wrong by this post.... i know love and marriage isnt all roses and daisies and all that crap- but i know something is going to come for me someday that i havent had before. and i'll fight for it when its right. and it is going to change my life. if i don't have faith in my future.. i will never get that future. my mother and i had a conversation about this today... where are we without faith? alone. and raise your hand if you like being completely alone? NOT. I.

so i guess i love family or something...whatever...maybe i just have been seeing too many adorable baby nursery pictures on pinterest. :/ whatever. and so what if i'm baby hungry!?!?!? my friends are married and are getting baby bumps..... i may be jealous. sue me.
SO, COME ALONG, PRINCE CHARMING! (in a year or so, k. dont come right now, i got too much on my plate. k thx bai)


Finding Joy In the Journey said...

I'll do my best to help you achieve your Christmas card goal.

Christy Marie said...

Sharon is the wisest woman in the world. Bless her.

hailey.a said...

I get baby hungry sometimes too. If we live near each other our babies can play and be friends. And I'll always send you a christmas card =)

cole linnae said...