Sunday, August 7, 2011


alooooha. i am home. and its good to be back.

in hawaii...i:

-went parasailing
-went on the manta ray dive
-kissed a dolphin
-layed out/swam at the pool
-layed out/did not swim at the beach
-went to the volcano (which made my shoes real hot)
-went to a huge waterfall in the jungle
-ate like a pig
-drove the coast and explored to my heart's content
-shopped around the awesome farmer's market
-went to the orchid garden (i found flowers that smelled exactly like black licorice and lemon pinesol)
-shook Uchtdorf's hand when he came to church
-spent time with the wonderful Aholelei family
-watched so much shark week that i'm never setting foot in the ocean again.
-layed around and did nothing.

successful vacation.