Friday, August 26, 2011

Senior!? in COLLEGE?


i can't believe this. i'm a senior in college? this is my 4th and last year at USU? what?
i'm only 21. i dont even have a husband yet! (you think thats a joke? its not.)

i moved my crap into my little apartment today.
its by far the OLDEST place i've lived in, so i'm sure you can imagine what it looks like.
its reaaaaallllly old. old as in, they made me sign a contract as to not lick the walls due to lead-based paint, kinda old. but for 167 a month? i'd live almost anywhere. almost.

so, i guess its meh... soso. my closet doesnt have doors...which is completely awkward.. but
the best part about my room is my darling little vanity my mom convinced me to get. pictures soon.
completely stoked about it.... because now i can sit on my little white stool, put on my face, string some pearls on me and feel like anne of green gables getting ready for the ball. dang right i'm gonna do it e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y

its not so bad...i'll only be here half the week anyway, the other half i'll be doing my internship at McKay Dee in the women & childrens unit. i'm excited/nervous...but i'm sure i'll have lots of tender stories to tell.

be good to me senior year................ good to me.

(pleasepleaseplease let me get straight A's, get skinny, and meet the love of my life.)


Amylee said...

Lucky!!! What great opportunities are headed your way. Embrace the old house. I LOVE old- our first house was built in 1901 and it was the greatest. I can't wait to hear stories about McKay Dee!!!

Rachel Nell said...

I am so excited for you! This is going to be a great year for you. Also, if it isn't too wide, you could buy a fabric shower curtain to act as a closet door in order to hide the awkwardness. You can usually find pretty cheap ones at Ross. Love you! Call me sometime please :)

Tami said...

167 a MONTH?!?!?! For a private room? Anywho, that is awesome. You could get a cute curtain for your closet, since it is without door.

Mindy said...

21 and not married. Honey, I will be 30 this month. :) While I would have chosen to be married at 21, you will survive. :) At least I keep waking up every day, and that is surviving, right? :) Good luck with school!

kstaples said...

Yay! I'm jealous!