Sunday, August 14, 2011

pins and needles

excuse me for sounding like a television ad, but i must say something:

once upon a time, i was a girl who had really bad, benedryl around the clock + zyrtec wouldnt even do the trick for me. i've had them since elementary, and everytime spring/summer roll around i am just a miserable itchy-nose, red-eyed, scratchy-throat person who complains and cries like like a baby. (i couldnt even go outside to play with my boys when i was nannying because just walking onto the grass would start up an itch attack!)

WELL...i finally got fed up of nothing working and was DESPERATE for a cure.
so i went to go try acupuncture.
and wanna know what?

i am allergy free for the first time in 15 years.

i would suggest it to anyone who is allergy-ridden and miserable. the needles are tiny and you can't even feel em. i was scared to do it because i pass out at blood tests..needles are NOT my thing, but it truly isnt bad. (and yeah its a little weird to see a ton of needles poking out of your face and body, but you can just close your eyes for that part.)

boo ya chinese medicine....whatever those magic ninja needles did, they cured me!


Summer said...

awesome! I gotta try that I hear its amazing.

Miss Jaycie Leishman. said...

hmmmm. have they gone away for good? or do you have to go back all the time?

kstaples said...

What doc do you go to? Or Chinese man should I say? I have terrible allergies.

cole linnae said...

my allergies are at least gone for this season! he told me to come back when the seasons change again if my allergies come back.

his name is dr. reagan archibald...his office is in SLC.. highly reccommend him! and he's totally cute. fyi.

Natalee Falk said...

All I'm gonna say is... I TOLD YOU SO!