Monday, September 5, 2011


i dont quite know why i dont blog too often anymore...maybe its the fact that i dont have a life and my days consist of going to school, napping, and watching prison break.

(dreamy convicts? i'd say so.)

in other news,

1.the walls in my apartment are paper thin and the neighbors upstairs frequently listen to music with deafening base........i'm considering becoming that annoying neighbor who bangs on the ceiling with a broom. either that or leaving a very strongly worded letter on their doorstep.

2. i have been chasing the same SLOW fly around my room for over an hour..and between me swatting the air with a shoe and the fly landing on my face and way too close to my mouth, i'm not getting too far.

3. i went river rafting down the snake with my dad and sister this was wiiilllddd. i kept shouting out, 'hey look, its kevin bacon'...because lets be real, you can't go river rafting without remembering that 90's classic he was in, 'the river wild'. who doesnt love meril streep, a villanous kevin bacon, and the annoying kid from jurassic park? anyway, it was fun and i managed to not get thrown out during the rapids! my dad is a professional river rat and i can't wait to go again.

4. i've decided to take a year off before going to grad school. oh ya, i decided to go to grad school. funny huh? me? grad school? HA. not quite sure where i'd like to go yet...hopefully i'll apply in fall of 2012, start spring of 2013 and graduate by spring of 2014. at least thats the plan for now.

5. i started my internship last week. i love it already even though i've just barely started. i'll tell you stories later..... but i will tell you this...working in labor and delivery makes me baaaaaby hungry!

in other, OTHER news, i still don't have a husband. ha to the HA. the end.


Tami said...

You're going to grad school!?!?! I didn't know that. Kewl.

KB said...

Rofl on #2. You should try catching it in a plastic grocery bag. You just drag the bag through the air behind the fly and then BAM. I've actually done this twice. And succeeded both times.