Saturday, September 17, 2011

someone like you

the fact that Adele is 21 years old blows my mind.
i everything about her.
(minus her smoking habit)

anyways, i'm obsessed with this beautiful song. listen and enjoy :)


Miss Jaycie Leishman. said...

for one thing, Adele is my absolute favorite. for another, where did you get your allergy acupuncture done? and the last thing, what is the name of the font you did Bloggie Blog Blog with on your picture? i NEED it!

Amylee said...

Don't you know that when I go to Heaven I will be able to sing like her? It's going to be off the hook.

PS- I didn't see you at Matt and Briana's wedding. Did you go and I must missed you? Because if that is the case then I may or may not burst into tears. Hope you're doing well!

cole linnae said...

jaycie... i got it done by dr. raegan archibald @ eastwest accupuncture in SLC. and the font... i wish i remembered, i downloaded a bazillion free ones about a year ago. they all start with 'pea' and are diff handwritings... like 'pea valerie' or 'pea stacy'..i bet you could google it!

and amy... i didnt make it to the wedding :( BOO ON ME. imissyou. and love you.