Saturday, April 21, 2012

Things i've learned in college.

hey guys.
this is monumental.

today i realized i'm graduating from college soon.
heres some things college has taught me... (other than silly academic stuff):

  • its appropriate to knit during boring anthro and psych classes
  • always keep a facebook activated so you always have something to do to put off homework
  • professors who dont speak english probably arent the best at TEACHING english
  • campus parking people are direct descendents of LUCIFER THE DEVIL
  • cheapest housing= win
  • crazy college boyfriends= biggest fail of my life
  • dressing up in masks/gorilla/furby costumes and gallavanting around the freshman dorms absolutely never gets old
  • friends you met freshman year of college usually stick with you, thank heavens. (liv, bunt, ryguy125, shokes. God bless you.)
  • some friends you are SUPER close with for a semester, then drift apart once your lives change. and thats okay.
  • crafting is an acceptable hobby.
  • blowing up a small raft and sailing on first dam is always worth it.
  • college is usually less dramatic than highschool. USUALLY.
  • rooming with friends > rooming with complete weirdo strangers. (thanks 6C and D22, you guys are #1)
  • You will most likely only have one spring break all of college that will be epic and you will meet lifelong friends... totes serious. (maybe even meet one of your best friends because they ask you to help them cover their hickey. HAHA.)
  • i still dont have a high opinion of sorority girls, and especially not of blonde sorority girls who nickname themselves 'barbie'
  • i have an even lower opinion of most frat boys and the music they blast late at night
  • tools who wear chokers and puka shells didnt cease existing in the 90's, but do in fact roam USU campus still to this day
  • blogging/fb/twitter has probably lowered my GPA overall at least a good .7 points
  • shmonday runs will forever be used in my household
  • the library is 1/2 for studying, 1/2 for freshman girls to go man hunting
  • the field house is 1/8 for working out, 7/8 for scoping out the opposite sex
  • walmart will forever be my #1 biotch.


Robby Spratt said...

Those are some good items on that there list!
I especially like the bit about the actual usage of the fieldhouse.
I can tell you honestly that 100% of the times I went to the fieldhouse, it was for the reason you stated. :)

brittyd said...

hahahaha WHO is in that firby costume, and where did you get thattt??

Remember how I dressed up as the gorilla and growled at that guy SAYING HIS PRAYERS??? omg i'm goin to hell.

cole linnae said...

its ryan!!! he got it for halloween somewhere!

hahahahhahahahahahha brit, i just died remembering that!!!!!!

Lauren said...

hahahahahha britt that was the funniest thing in the world!!! you were a brave soul walking into a dark house all by yourself!
and... I'm not going to say WHICH one of these includes me, but I will say that I'm so happy it does!! love youuuuuu my little coley :)

P.s. how did you NAIL this list so perfectly?