Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doulas, births, babies, moms and MEEEE

I recently took a doula training course by the international Doula association.
WTF is a doula? and why does it have such a funny name?

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A doula is a trained labor support person. They are there to coach the mom through breathing techniques, help the mother with pain relieving positions, act as a buffer between mom and nurses/doctors...encourage mom and partner through the birth...massage and comfort mom...inform mom about the body's birthing process..educating mom about her choices, rights, effect of medicines and interventions...make sure moms birth plan is being carried through, and most of all, caring for the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of a laboring woman. Doulas can be used for medical assisted births (hospital or epidural) or home births. Overall, they are there to mother the mother.

so BASICALLY, they pamper the heck out of your pregnant, laboring, and sometimes cranky ay-ess-ess. And we LOVE it!
(and i have no idea why the name is so funny sounding. i think its greek. doula doula doula)

I used to think doulas were for hippies. which, they kinda sound like they are in a way. But they also are there for support. They are there to help. A woman's body is made for carrying a child for 9 months and giving labor. and sometimes they NEED comfort from someone who can help guide them through this.

Was i one of the only ones in my class who believed in hospitals and doctors and epidurals? you bet your butt. Which is FINE. But i also believe a woman should be able to choose what makes her most comfortable for laboring..and that may be laboring at home or in a birth matter what i believe. Whatever works for YOU, works for a doula.

I dont plan on being some weird lady who dances around pregnant ladies and making them do 'hee hee hoo' breathing their whole birth for heavens sake. I just want to be part of the experience and making sure they feel loved and supported in such an important time in their life. I dont take the place of the husband or partner or support person at all. I help THEM help MOM.

I'm really excited for this and can't wait to start being a doula for family and friends. I'm not charging anything as i start out and dont know if i ever will. I love babies, and pregnancy, and birth. I just really wanna be THERE for women if they are scared, have anxiety about pain, and just need someone to hold their hand.

SO.... that being said. If you or anyone you know would like to get more info about this or would like ME or OTHER doulas in your area to talk to if your eggo is preggo, please let me know! Comment below with your e-mail address and I will totes give you referrals or more information about it.


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