Thursday, January 3, 2013


my sister introduced me to a site called

i died. i hope you rofl as hard as i did:

Talking to my mom on the phone

What I feel like doing most days

When I make fun New Years Eve plans

When I’m watching a movie & one of the characters dies

If it’s a person:

If it’s an animal:

When my doorbell rings and I wasn’t expecting anybody

Sitting down to take an exam

My classmates:


When someone hot walks into the room

Spotting my crush

When I’m sober:

When I’m not:

When I run into my ex

In front of him:
As soon as he’s out of sight:

When I hear good gossip

How I feel about grades

During the semester:

When I see that they’re posted online:

When I get out of work at 6pm and it’s pitch black

When I haven’t heard from my ex and then he texts me out of nowhere

When I park illegally and don’t get a ticket

...i could go on for days, but its 3:30 in the morning.
i have a feeling i will be posting these regularly.
goodnight world.


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Finding Joy In the Journey said...

I don't know why I found that last one so funny. Still kinda laughin.