Sunday, March 8, 2009

i want a guy..

i want a guy who..
won't drink or smoke. ever.
won't yell at his mother.
won't trip me on purpose. (yeah that happened)
won't leave me for a girl with the IQ of frozen yogurt. (that happened too.)
won't curse or yell at me.
won't lie.
won't cheat.
won't be annoying.
won't be ridiculously immature.
won't blame everything on me.
won't make promises he can't keep.
won't make my life 2345x more awkward than it needs to be already.
won't make me cry.
won't break my pathetic heart.

too much to ask maybe? i could go on for hours ladies and gentleman.. hours.


Kristin May said...

I would like one also. Because those good guys are just elusive.

Dallas and Amylee said...

Well, he is a loser. That's all I have to say.
I'll be at Peter Pan on Friday night. Will you?
I think you should make a list of what you want in a guy. I did that. It came true. That's all.
And don't try to get married- YOU ARE SO YOUNG!!!!

Shelby LaNece said...

The I.Q. of frozen yogurt.
It's so sad cause its so true.

Whaaat a douche!

cole linnae said...

kristin- i wish i knew what elusive meant

amylee-its not him, but all of them combined. and yes i'll go friday!

shelb-i either had to choose between frozen yogurt or cottage cheese.