Friday, March 13, 2009

Sign me up for Neverland

I just saw Davis High's production of 'Peter Pan'. Some of my very very best friends put this on with their class and director... It was so wonderful and passionate and perfect. Go see it.
Peter Pan - Shadow Pictures, Images and Photos

This took me back to the days of 5th grade where i was tiger lily in my school play. i sucked real bad and all i remember is my dance director was a crack addict. Anyways, basically... all i have to say is that i never, ever, ever want to grow up. And i'm being totally serious. And planning on never growing up. if you see an old lady 80 years down the road playin with dolls, thats me. opah!

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Dallas and Amylee said...

I feel like having kids has made me revert in some ways. Yes, I have more responsibilities, but I also get WAY more play time than I ever used to.
Loved seeing you. You make me happy.