Friday, May 13, 2011

corbin's latest quotes

as we were watching animal cops:
"God put animals on this earth to be treated NICELY! look, that dog cant stop pooping cuz its dehydrated. thats what happens when youre dehydrated. you just can't stop."
corb: guess what i want for christmas?
me: what?
corb: CASH!
while in the hot tob...:
"want to know how a pig eats?" *shoves his face in the water and starts chomping at the hot tub water*

after i went inside,  he shouted through the window:
"you're lucky you went in!!! I just farted."
corb: hey alex, would you rather kiss the ugliest person in the world, or swim with a shark that bites your side?
alex: kiss the ugliest person in the world
corb: yeah, me too.
out of nowhere while we were watching a movie, i get this gem from him:
"umm, nicole, are you on a diet? dont take this the wrong way.. but... are you?"
"um, this is kind of girly of me, but i really like decronating things. like, i like rearranging my room and stuff. and girls do a lot of decronating, but i like it. its fun."
at first dam, he disappeared out of sight for a moment:
"hey guess what i just did? i peed. its what boys do."
me: corbin, go shower, now! VAMANOS!
corb: ....Obamanos!!


brittyd said...

hahahaha. Wow. That kid is a crack up! I am glad you still have a friend to watch animal planet with you!

Tami said...

Aww, is that picture from their dad's wedding?
Also, "decronating." bwa ha ha ha.

Summer said...

HA HA HA HA what a cutie! He is hilarious!

Maura Lee said...

I love little kids!