Monday, May 23, 2011

a noble man

i learned about a great dude the other day in class.

he was appointed to be a military leader at the age of 22. yup. 22.

he took up responsibility when nobody else would.

he was fearless and put his life on the line on many occasions.

he wanted to go home to his wife, live a quiet life and become a farmer, but stepped up to the BIGGEST job ever.

he was " dignified, conservitive,posessed incredible stamina, had impeccable integrity and was committed to the government"

but what i love most about this little guy? 2 stories.

1.before he stormed into battle with his men, a soldier stumbled into the countryside and heard a suspicious voice talking. he was sure it was the enemy, and was about to call for help... upon furter investigation, he saw this man humbly kneeling and speaking to God, praying for Divine Guidance to inspire and direct him before he was to lead an important battle that day.

2 ...while being sworn in to the Presidency, he suddenly stopped the ceremony and requested a Bible. he insisted on putting his hand on a Bible during the inauguration, so there was a real power involved. and Someone to make it official. he threw in an ernest, "So help me God" at the end of his swearing-in and that phrase has survived to this day. cool huh?

I completely believe there were some strings pulled up in heaven to get the right guys for the right jobs in desperate times for the Promised Land. because if it was Obama back think he woulda done a good job? or how about..hmm. Clinton leading us to freedom? i think not. (he'd probly be gettin jiggy with the slave girls. just sayin.)

You're the man, good ol' George Washington.

I'd totally date you if you were alive.


Summer said...

love this! see that history class is giving you valuable knowledge! :)also he was an amazing person.

itsjustmom said...

I Love George Washington. He Definately was preserved from above to lead this county. Watch "Washington the Warrior" on Net flix. It will make you admire him more.