Thursday, May 5, 2011

i been MIA+ photos


finals. and studying.
more DIY's to come...WITH TUTORIALS :D
and today i went horseback riding (at SEVEN a.m.) and it was SO SO fun... minus christy and josh got bucked off and all of our butts feel like they are going to fall off. thank heavens badger the horse was good to me :/

happy summer. but not for me, summer school on monday. frick.

heres some funny pictures.


brittyd23 said...

The cosby family made me rofl. I miss Glenhood already. and watching animal planet. :(

cole linnae said...

glenhood, and me miss you as well. :( and i personally liked the diva cat with the blonde hair hahah

Caitlyn Jimyl Redmon said...

why are those pictures so funny? ha ha really, i love how they make you laugh out loud even if your all by yourself, laughing like an idiot. i just cant help it!