Saturday, July 16, 2011

aloha, i'm alive.

After traveling for what seemed like ALL day (who books a flight at 6 in the morning? this moron does)... having a miserable flight over which included: the smell of an old and used adult diaper..... having the plane temp be about 39 degrees the whole time...sitting next to a man who didnt understand the concept of a 'personal bubble' and especially didnt care while his elbows were molesting my personal space during his morning paper time for about 3 hours.......reading SKYMALL 2 whole times in my 8 hours of airplane time and getting way too many ideas for DIY dog furtiture and spycam accessories...picking out who would and wouldnt survive on the plane were we to crash on a desert isle (more on that later)....being so skiwompus about the time change + a bit cranky thanks to a certain T.O.M visitor... i'm here and alive. in good ol hawaii. and it feels sooo good to be back.

its 12:30 here. 4:30 utah time. which is slightly throwin me off.
i'm currently sitting at the kitchen table i used to blog at, ONE whole year my old bosses a spot where the internet connection is somewhat stable.
i'd explain but i'm too tired.

today i drove halfway around the island...just because i could.

cute little locals, eh?
more on my adventures later. :)

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