Sunday, July 24, 2011

quote for the books.

"We learn from trials only because they cause us to pray harder to hear the messages from above. It's the experience of getting answers that help us to grow and learn. The pain and suffering doesnt do anything directly for us but it does help us to seek the spirit for help. I know for me going through the cancer.. I found nothing positive or good in anything related to the awful condition, but the prayers of others and my own made me understand the gospel better and our purpose here on hearth. It is because of that, the experience has been a great one in my life."



brittyd23 said...

:) I like that quote.

ALSO......I saw Harry Potter. O.M.G. I cried. Nicole, I cried! I'll have you realize that I only cry when I watch animal cops on animal planet and I see all the sad puppies and kitties that have been beaten by crazy people.
But Harry Potter....oh Harry. It was amazing. I can not even believe it. I have been thinking about it ever since friday afternoon when I saw it. I cried when they showed Fred, Lupin, and Tonks. And when Harry saw his mom and dad and sirius. And Snape. Holding lily, broke my heart!
I thought of you after I saw the movie cuz you are one of the only ones that loves harry potter like I do! Plus we are the only ones who knows Harry Potter is real. So lets go see it again when you get home from Hawaii:) (When do you get home? are you already home?)
LYMYL(Love you miss you lots)
ALSO.....sorry this is a novel.

Tami said...

I ruv my mama.