Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I......... got a big girl camera. Its about dang time too! Her name is Penny, if you were wondering. Penny the Pentax. No, its nothing extravagent...no Cannons or Nikons... however, i love her. 
I may as well get a not-so-fancy dslr just to learn on, right? You better believe i'm gonna go nuts with this when i get to the big island... thats why i bought her.
Me+Penny+exploring Hawaii=bffs forever.
What a better way to christen my new little camera than with the 4th of july weekend.
Happy photo taking.
Whoop Whoop.
I threw in captions for those of you too stupid to figure out what was going on.
(Lady being glam)

 (Michelle being...17)

 (Jackie and George being married)

 (Flower being pink)

(America's birthday cake shining in glory while thanking me for making it) 

 (Old people making me cry at the parade)

 (Dad laughing before realizing his man card was taken away by riding my blue cruiser around town)


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Rachel Nell said...

Oh I'm so jealous! Maybe someday I will be able to get me a big girl camera. Don't break it! (Just because I know I would.)