Thursday, January 19, 2012

great people deserve CREDIT!

am i allowed to do that? PR for friends and family on my blog? of course i am. its my blog, snitches.

i hate when people put stuff on their blog like, 'hey, i have a deal with target to tell everyone on my blog to go buy their slippers. so go buy their slippers, they are comfy and have my seal of approval. dar dar dar.' ITS ANNOYING. but this....isnt that. its just loved ones who i'd like to be appreciated...mmk?

okay so, i know some very talented people. so i thought i'd take a minute and go ahead and brag/tell you about them so YOU can enjoy them as much as i do.

first of all....
i have these friends.. these guitar-playin singer best friends. they are sisters and truly have the best voices EVER. due to an amazing song they wrote that you can find HERE...they just signed a contract to be NEDA's (National Eating Disorder Association) ambassadors, and are on their way to the top! their music is amazing and you should totes check them out. You know the kinda music that makes you go.. 'yeah...thats EXACTLY how i feel!' well, that is them.
here are 2 of my favorites i always demand them to play for me:

second of all.................
MISS BOOTH/Mrs. Petty/ Big sister Jackie.
She is a bay area photographer but ALSO comes to Utah often to do shoots. Her prices & pictures are GREAT and she is just so darn cute how can you refuse her services? She takes photos cause she loves doing it, not for the monnnaayy. Please view some of her 2011 pictures at her JUMP site!
(and how cute is this mommy/daughter shoot she did?)

third of all..................
TAMALYN. She is my 2nd in line big sister, and has an etsy shop she has been slowly working on over the past little while. Its still in the works, but she is a graphic designer lady and has some great photo layouts for photographers to sell to clients..or just people looking for the perfect photo display templates. I'm sort of bad at explaining it because i'm not a graphic designer go to her  Etsy Site and take a looksie!


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Tami said...

Aw fank ewe seeester!!! Don't worry, I'm bad at explaining my shop too. I've got to work on that.
My shop views spiked today, and lots of them were from your blog. :D