Monday, January 30, 2012

shes gooooone

 due to a few recent turns of events.... i've been on the upswing of things.
or as kirk would say, 'dark nicole' is gone. WOOP WOOP.

and let me tell feels great. im banking on this feeling lasting quite some time. i feel really blessed to have lots of positive people in my life as of late and just feel good. not to say i don't have my hard hours.. tough nights or miserable dreams that i still wish would go away, but i'm finally feeling okay.
 (it only took a year).

so come at me 18 credits and term papers. come at me mean little drug moms, i'll call CPS on you.. come at me 13 extra pounds im gonna tackle. and RUN at me future husband!

im ready im ready im ready!


Summer said...

haha i looveee that you put spongebob on here. andddd i'm so happy you're loving life!! yay!

morgan said...

proud of you, boo.

Rachel Nell said...

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Love you!

livvy said...

LOVE YOU!!! come visit me!! :)

Lauren said...

you wanna know whadda i think abouta this???!?! that i LOVE THIS.

Anonymous said...
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