Monday, January 2, 2012


when an ex gets a significant other...girlfriend...or engaged.

its a funny thing. see, i've been thinking about this for a while. and i'm not quite sure why it just rubs me the wrong way..but it just does...especially since its 3 in the morning! its like sandpaper kind of. not really, but kind of ..maybe i just craft too much...but hear me out, even though this is the stupidest comparison i think i've ever made. if someone were to rub sandpaper on my skin just once, it wouldnt be so bad. i'd just be like, 'hey, ouch, please stop that.' but then they keep rubbing and rubbing and rubbing until it bleeds, it hurts, and then im just MAD. crab-apple-mcnasty mad. and HURT! pardon me for running with this sandpaper crap, but try to follow:

sandpaper is good. cool for crafts, great for wood, useless just sitting there though. its always nice to know that sandpaper is there, just in case i need it. and sometimes, sandpaper pops up when i dont need it, but its always reassuring to put it back somewhere i know i can easily access it. i've used that sandpaper in the past and have good memories with that sandpaper. its very useful! it has made me happy. we made a good crafting team. and i'll always remember the good times i had with that sandpaper...but i'll just tuck it away for now. BUT WAIT. what if i need it for something? what if someday i have a craft and i specifically NEED that piece of sandpaper? what if i try other sandpapers out but they arent as good as the first one?

but then sandpaper goes all over facebook putting pictures up of its NEW life and even though i tucked it away long ago, it rubs me the wrong way once or twice. but i dont bleed yet...its not like sandpaper has COMPLETELY disappeared from my life...its just a little uncomfortable scratchy feeling. but now im constantly thinking about sandpaper and its new sandpapery life. then sandpaper starts bragging about marrying off and starting a new happy life together with someone ELSE. and then it rubs some more harder and harder and is just so sandpapery and happy and then i start to bleed. and now im just pissy.

its just sandpaper. i can get a different type. and that one was old anyways and i hadnt used it for years. but i dont want sandpaper gallavanting off with someone ELSE. that is craft betrayal. "HOW DARE SANDPAPER!", i think..."I own sandpaper! i used it for a project for like.. 2 whole months once! and even though the project turned out was fun making the project! how dare sandpaper start a project with SOMEONE ELSE..."

...i think i'm just selfish and feel like i own every piece of sandpaper i've ever used. so when they begin to start new lives, and rub their sandpapery life all in my stupid hurts a widdle bit.

its selfish of me and bitter of me. (gotta work on that)
but i guess im sad i just will never ever ever ever have the option to use that certain piece of sandpaper again. because once sandpaper seals the deal with their someone new and sandpapers girlfriend changes her last name on facebook to his...the deal is sealed. and sandpaper is lost forever.

so, ive come to the conclusion that my attitude just leaves me bleeding and hurt.
guess i just gotta go shopping for some more.


Erinn said...

haha this was really good! It is a perfect metaphor :)

I just found your blog through 20sb and I'm a new follower. I see you many HP posts which makes me like your blog even more!


Tami said...

That is actually a really good comparison - and this part: "how dare sandpaper start a project with SOMEONE ELSE..." made me giggle. I imagined a little square of sandpaper with a cartoon face and spongebob legs.

Robby Spratt said...

I am sort of dealing with this issue right now too. It stinks and I don't know what to do about it.

Christy Marie said...

yuck. this happened to me once. HOW DARE SANDPAPER!! haha exactly how I felt..

KB said...

This may be my favorite post of yours of all time.

brittyd23 said...

"hey, ouch, please stop that." haha.

If my sandpaper EVER starts a new project without me.....then i would probably just stop crafting.

Also...wanna know what rubs me the wrong way? PREVIOUS craft projects that sandpaper did. I dont like them. At all. I just wanna take all those previous little crafty projects and burn them in a big bon fire.