Wednesday, January 27, 2010

and scene.

so i deleted my facebook last night.
for reasons too pathetic to post, but my friends probably could guess why. i'm one day strong. huzzah. its official: im pathetic.

i was reading my biology book in the library today... cells are pretty kewwwwwwwwwwwl. also, i learned if a guy is sterile its probably a good chance he has respiratory problems as well. interesting. also, i learned on google facts that a jellyfish is 95% water. has no brain or eyes or heart or anything. weird.

I all of a sudden got addicted to 'Teen Mom' on mtv. Ray jay, real chance of love, 16 and pregnant!? Come on people! (ps look forward to an upcoming blog about a silent library..)
Why do i love trashy reality shows!?

i'm taking something much better than i thought i would. denial? maybe. rationality? doubtful. its probably denial.

my elbow pit in my right arm has been aching for two days.
i cannot for the life of me figure out why.
I heard a song today that brought back memories from a certain class in highschool. It was the one class that kept me going to highschool. It made me miss those people really, really bad. It made me think of sponges and colored water and people i havent talked to in ages, and possibly will never talk to again. It made my heart ache. Good song.

sometimes in the winter time i get lonesome. i think im going to buy a fish. (ps my professor admitted yesterday that he had virtual fish on facebook. haha.)
speaking of facebook for the third time in this post, my bishop sent us an email telling us to add him and join our ward group. ITS. TAKING. OVER. THE. WORLD.

i attended the worst dance showcase thing today. . the only part that wasnt painfully awkward was the announcer, who i will not name but plan to wed someday in the near future.
Statistics 1040 its the dumbest class in the history of logical thinking.
I'm aching fore summer and fishing and bare feet and tanning and ice cream.

Logan is an icy hell.
that is all.
and scene.


Rachel Nell said...

I always think of that when I hear that song. And I envy you for deleting your facebook. I always tell myself that I could do it if I wanted, but I probably really couldn't. Keep hanging on. You're amazing. We need to play. I have oh so many things to tell you. But mostly I just miss you. LOVE.

itsjustmom said...

You deleted your facebook? I was just getting into it.

MissyJEE said...

i will fix you.
i always get teary eyed. coldplay just makes me teary eyed. i miss you. and that. and kirk. and i'm starting to dislike fbook more and more...sad. but i knew you did already cause they're like eighty less pictures of me. haha. anyway. i love you.

Tami said...

Ohhhh Cokie. Just hang in there little buddy. I know what you mean about an icy hell-on-earth,too.