Friday, January 15, 2010

Oh stats. You KILL me

Disclaimer: I am not racist. I love all people. It is just funny that sometimes the hardest part about my courses.. is that i can't understand what my professors are saying. First Yi Hong who had never been to the states..And now this. SAWEEEEEET. hahah. oh it makes things interesting, thats for sure.

I hate math, have always hated math, and always will. And, you know my luck with professors. So, of course, my math professor for stats 1040 has a VERY thick accent from New Zealand. His name is Richard Cutler. He sounds something like this..
"Ello theya! Muy names Riychahd Cuhtlah aynd I'yll be teaychin ya a little sohmthin colled Statistycks."

Funny right? No. Not when the subject is statistics. I try really hard to pay attention..but mostly i end up sprawled out in the back seats catchin some Z's. Its tough work trying to decipher if he is saying or 'fraction' or 'fiction'.. or 'factor' or..'raptor'. cuz you know. dinos like to eat pies and stuff...i dont know.

Oh but dont worry, my recitation instructor is there on wednesdays and fridays to help us go over some of the stats questions in depth, so we get a better feel for what the professor is saying...our class is also WAY smaller, so its supposed to be a time we can get 1 on 1 help. But oh wait.. My recitation leader is also new to the english language. He is very funny, and very asian. I like him alot, minus that its a double whammy that i can't understand anything my stats teachers are saying. Here are some things that Yaw said today in class that made me rofl and made me excited to go to recitation every week:

"You have eat the lunch already? The donut to keep you awakes?"
"Ok so, lets wap up this segment..alcohol makes you pregnant."
"When yoo eat the diet coke, it taste like ink"
"O the sushi sucks."
"It good to talk out loud with you because i can't think the english word in my mind either then when i talk outloud too."
"Okay, sorry to keep asking this dumb-ass question, but wha is the confounding facta?"

Thank you for making my day, Yaw.


Lucy said...

Good freaking luck :)

Rachel Nell said...

Oh boy. This makes me so happy that I took that last semester and had his wife. If you need any help, I'm here for you :)