Wednesday, November 9, 2011

dear blog readers-

yes...all 110 of you. (i dont even have that many friends. ok...i dont even have HALF of that number for friends in real sidenote: thanks for reading my blog. you guys are gems to let me take up space on your feed list :) ...anyway..on to my request..)

my dearest little blog readers...
i need your suggestions. no no. i want them.
yes i want your suggestions.
i am graduating college soon.
and it scares the bajeebies outta me. why?
maybe because my life plan involved finding a husband right when i got to college..and if i'm being honest with myself, i will admit that i only planned on graduating IF I DIDNT GET MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

stupid you say? maybe. you may shake your head at this little mormon girl, but thats what i wanted, and thats what i planned. i wanted to get married young and have babies young and be a young mom. to be high school, i didnt even want to go to college..(which quite literally made my mother worry for my she was super stoked i even applied to school..)

but i didnt get that...and hey, that is ok. i am ok with it right now..because obviously Heavenly Father has different plans for me. I am graduating COLLEGE and am STOKED.

but now i dont quite know what to do.
this wasn't in my plan.

i have heard many things like 'do things for yourself nicole!' and 'be selfish at this stage in your life'.......
but i'd like lots of suggestions from readers who don't know me personally to tell me what they wish to do when their 'real life' begins or what they wish they would have done at my age.
i'll be {22}...have my bachelors in Social Work...and the world at my fingertips. (heheheheheeeeeeeee)
so..what now? get a real job? a real life? a real apartment? by MYSELF?

i just would like your suggestions, in all seriousness. because now that my one plan fell through, i have like, 5 or 6 options buzzing around in my brain and none of them feel awesome yet.

ok, comment away. :)


Kiva said...

Travel. Go to Tokyo, Marrakesh, London and Tel Aviv and tell me if they are in fact as cool as I think they are. #myplan

Mindy said...

The other day I wrote a FB status which resulted in a comment of, "A man is NOT a plan." Hahaha ... I never felt like I banked on getting married {truth be told, I have always feared I wouldn't}. BUT, graduating college while in Utah and NOT married does feel funny, EVEN though I see TONS of people do it all the time. In fact, in our ward right now, we have at least five or 10 girls who have graduated {needlessly to say without being married}.


Just do the next natural step for you ... What is that? I cannot say. Perhaps getting a masters? Perhaps getting a real job {that is the path that I took}.

In all honesty, once you have said real job {or getting your masters} it doesn't feel all that different than being in college. I have been graduated from college longer than you have been IN college, and ... life is not too different.

I would advise NOT moving into an apartment alone. That just sounds hecka miserable to me. Live with people who are FUN {regardless if they are in college or not}. Still participate in anything and everything you always have ... just be progressing towards something while you are doing it {again job, masters, whatever ... I just cannot think of many other optons you have .. Haha!}.

I would give ANYTHING to be a wife and a mother. But, I have no control over that. So I will take control over what I can.

Since I have graduated I have traveled to so many places, seen so many things, done so many things. I have LOVED every experience I have had. If I could, I would give up these experiences in a heartbeat if it meant being a wife and mother. But that isn't reality. So in the MEAN time, I will find things to ENJOY and LOVE. If I am ever blessed with the miracle of being a wife and mama, the time "waiting" and hoping for it will still be time I look at and be happy with. These things do NOT replace your dream and mine, but make life not so miserable until it comes.

WOW. Betcha didn't think you would get such a novel this morning, did ya? :) LOVE YOU!

Robby Spratt said...

My recommendation would be, first, find a job you would enjoy doing. Second, move into an apartment either on your own, or with roommates, whichever you prefer. Get involved in your local singles ward, and start doing things to become the kind of adult that you want to be.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, life is long and there is plenty of time for babies and home-making and a husband. But you're only young and unattached once, so make the most of it. Work, do good, travel. I can't imagine you'd regret it.

Amylee said...

If I hadn't gotten married young and had a baby at 22, I would have loved to:

Graduate college (check for you!)
Go on some cool trips with some tour groups.
Live at home and save money.
Have a job that was fulfilling- even if it wasn't filling my bank account, per se.
Go out to eat, go to movies, take naps, hang out with friends until late at night, see shows, run races, and essentally play my ever lovin' heart out.

Because one day you WILL be married, and your choices aren't always your own. So, seriously, just say YES to everything and DO it all!

Rachel Nell said...

Join the Peace Corps. I've always secretly wanted to do that.

Summer said...

firstly. i am in the exact same boat as you know soooo ummmm kay here's the plan. we move down south for a while & save up money/ meet cute southern men & then we use the money to travel to europe? orrrr we move to mexico cause i'm thinking that could be a fun place to be too i mean the safe parts.

brittyd23 said...

hey I agree with summer...let's go to the (safe) parts of mexico and summer can get her latina onnnn while christy and I try to speak spanish to each other alll day (sound familiar?).....well I personally believe that U.S. Americans should go to places such as...hmmm...china? Lets teach the little asian children english.
my vote is you move to kaysville with me and we can find some real jobs...start rollin in the benjamins... and THEN...just like go to fun places like Disneyland and Harry Potter world or whatever it's called...yeah? sounds pretty good, eh?

Liv said...

get a job in provo and come live by me! I would like that A LOT!!! :) I LOVE YOU!!!

Chelan said...

harry potter world. live there

morgan said...

let's go to the dominican republic. and i can go to the beach and look at all the tan, skinny girls (you) from the (dis)comfort of my sweatsuit. and we can build houses and schools, and breast feed little children till their plump and then adopt them and take them home to fulfill our mothering dreams.... or whatever that shannon hughes has planned would work too.

seriously. i already got jordan to agree to me going to cambodia for 2 months-- he'd definitely agree to 2 measely weeks!!!

cole linnae said...

dear everyone..thank you so much for your advice. seriously. thank you!