Tuesday, November 8, 2011

only in a ward talent show....

...will you see:

-a dorky lad swinging a 'hungarian whip' around his head in circles pretending to be indiana jones
-a girl getting choked up while reading a poem about an elephant that she wrote herself
-a guy singing a serious song about lucky charms and how it improves his quality of life
-a couple showing off their swing dance moves that were unmemorized and uncoordinated
-painfully awkward countless original guitar solos with off pitch vocals and lyrics like, 'the first time i met you' and 'it was rainy'
-people banging on glasses with a knife trying to portray 'mary had a little lamb' but having it mostly sound like people banging on glasses
-a guy reading pick-up lines off his phone app while he has some relief society sisters walk across the stage

ohhhhh mormons.


Jo said...


Tami said...

Hahahahahaha. Yea, Mormons have always used the word 'talent' a little loosely.

Summer said...

oh gosh. hahaha i bet that was more than entertaining.

Christy Marie said...

our talent show is on monday! Thanks for the great ideas!!