Monday, November 14, 2011

some things i have realized for my future

I've recently realized some things i will most likely do in my future and things I currently need to work on for my future. So.. I'm writing them down on blogosphere to remember them and hold my freakin self accountable in 10 years time.

1. I will read harry potter to my children. I will use funny voices every night and tuck them in leaving them to dream about spells and potions and wizzzaarrddss. Bet on it.

2. I will never go to bed early..not even when i'm 97. I will be up watching lifetime rocking in my rocking chair probably eating a snickers (as I am right now. Its fine.)

3. As I have realized through my nannying adventures, I will hug my children often and make them feel loved and important... because when they feel loved and important, they always succeed. And children need that love. (..and they are way less bratty when you love them. seriously.)

4. I will always try to keep in touch with those who matter to me most. being a good, caring friend is one of the best attributes you can acquire , and i want to perfect the art of friendship throughout my lifetime. I need to perfect that starting now...cuz seriously, everyone could use a better friend.

5. I will take my children to the theater to watch plays and musicals so they can love the arts like I do, even if I have to force them a little  bit at first.

6. There are people in my life who I appreciate so much but hardly ever tell. I will be the kind of woman who will tell those people how much I appreciate them, even if I feel super awkward doing it, dangit! And even if they feel awkward while i'm doing it.

7. I will most likely always have irrational fears and be a worrier. I think I was born that way... (I guarantee in utero I was anticipating my birth thinking of all the things that could go wrong..imagine fetus nicole getting all antsy and twiddling my little thumbs.. haha) however, as i learned in stake conference today, feelings can be changed by faith. So even if I worry till the day I die, i will work on worrying less.

8. I will dress up for halloween up until I perish. then I will come back as a ghost and haunt my children and grandchildren.

9. Nutella will most likely always be my drug of choice.

10. I want my kids to know that their parents love eachother. Its something thats really important to me.

11. I want my husband to know how obsessed with him I was before I ever met him.

12. I will make it a point to see the world. (That starts now.)

13. I probably will never feel bad for drugging myself with benedryl to get a good nights sleep.


Mindy said...

Love, love this list. Only word of advice, make sure he is already your husband before you tell him. ;)

kait said...

amen to all of those especially number 11

Summer said...

harry potter will live on forever! seriously love this. you're wonderful!

Christy Marie said...

You are such a good woman. I honestly love you.

Amylee said...

Yes! See the world! And haunt your children :)

cole linnae said...