Saturday, November 5, 2011

update snippets, snitches.

-i am in love with my practicum and am so glad that i am actually willing to get up outta bed at 7ish in the morning to get there in time for rounds. i love it, i love my supervisors, i love how we talk bad about their ex husbands and they coach me through my life. i love how they encourage me to go on to grad school and not be pressured into settling for something less than i deserve. i love how we tell funny jokes and how lisa always swears. i love that becky wants to hang out with me even though i'm only 21. i love that i am learning so much about mothers and babies and pregnancy and loss and grief and adoption and protective services and counseling and medicine and miracles and good hearted people out there who just want the best for everyone. i love my internship and am so so blessed i got placed here. its exactly what i needed at this point of my life.

-my sister jackie is here for the weekend. its my other sister tami's birthday on party rockin in the booooooth house! kristin is here and michelle is of course here, because shes the only child nugget that is still in highschool. she has a frickin boyfriend we are meeting this i'm going to be sure to put on my awkward pants and talk in a lisp when i see him. anyways, its great to have all my sisters together. really really great.

-my friend showed me the trailer for 'the woman in black' and i about peed myself. the only reason i watched the trailer was cuz daniel radcliffe is in it and i wanted to see if he was charming without his round little glasses on..anyways..go scare yourself silly and IMDB that shiz

-wingers is getting the best of me lately. (so what if i ordered some to-go for myself and ate it feverishly in the parking lot!?)

-the first snow today made me automatically happy and then...only like 2% sad. things were so different last november...last winter. i spent my days running up the steps of his apartment and shaking the snow off my boots on his doormat and being so excited to spend a nice cozy evening in his nice apartment with him. making plans for our future, eating strawberry oatmeal together.. :( fhjdsfhjdkashfdjs. how weird is that, that something so stupid can trigger a memory like that? snow? really? REALLY? frozen water falling from the sky!?! puh-the-tic nicole. get yourself together.

-oprah winfrey's lifeclass webcasts are CHAAANNGGINNG MYYY LIFFFEEE. want free therapy? go ahead, click HERE! . youre welcome.

-17 credits was kicking my butt until i realized that i should spend less time on pinterest and fb and more time writing papers. okay..its still kicking my butt because even though i realize i DO have enough time in my day to get all my crap done..i still havent changed my crack-addict type behavior towards pinterest. but i willllll. someday. (actually its funny because i saw a quote ON pinterest..something to the effect of..."you and albert einstein had the same amount of hours in a day. work harder.") HA to the HA.

-im excited for thanksgiving and christmas.

-ever read hyperbole and a half? i'd post another link but my eyes are drooping and i'm too tired. anyways, my point was.... i was having a bad day the other day, so i started talking like SPAGEHTTA NADLE and it cheered me RIGHT UP. AHHH I'M A SPAGEHTTA NADLE NAIS TAO MAHT YAO



Tami said...

I had to say that spaghetti nadle quote in my head a few times to figure it out. Totally worth it.

Mindy said...

When I order things to go and proceed to eat by myself, I can envision me being in a Biggest Loser audition tape. For some reason it makes me feel guilty ... and I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I usually order and eat two meals. Oops? :)