Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maybe its because i'm a social worker...

..but when i see an ad for a 'free baby' on ksl, i just am inclined to immediately call child protective services.

awkward: party of free baby + psycho-pants caregiver.

was it a real ad? i think yes. i'd link you all to it to guess for yourselves, but luckily the ad was taken down.
it went along the lines of:
"i need someone to take custody of my little girl...her mom died in a car crash, and i have no legs and cannot take care of a newborn by myself. i know this is not the best place to do this but i just need her to go to a loving home. will go to any loving family. please email me at _____ to hear my story and talk further."

at first i didn't believe it..because it was sort of funny, but sort of really sad....but then i googled the area code 205
...hmm..from alabama..
ok, believable.

yes, my sunday consisted of calling CPS, church, nommin on punkin pie, and i am now about to rest easy knowing 5 other people already reported someone tryin to give away their baby on the net within the first hour. heaven bless the good people in utah willing to catch the crazies on the loose.

go ahead, psychotic caregivers..i dare you to try and give away another kid on KSL.
lets see just how long it takes me to call CPS on you.


brittyd said...

hahahaha...yeah, it's like you want to laugh because it is kind of funny....but then you really think about it.....FREE BABY?! what the not funny.

Summer said... GOSH!! are you serious? Someone actually posted that!? That's terrible and wayyy sad all at the same time. sheesh what are people thinking. i'm glad you're patrolling the web nicole to catch the crazies. you should have a tv show.

Christy Marie said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHA I. love. Brittany. Dickson.