Monday, December 17, 2012

yay area

hello lovies.

so..i'm here in the bay area, nannying for my sister. her sweet babe is almost 3 months and ADORABLE. i get to snuggle him everyday. and even though im kinda lonely and bad at making friends.... i'll be okay.

i think i'll go explore san fran a bit on my own soon...that will keep me busy. i'll bring pepper spray too, dont worry. AND DID YOU KNOW ITS LEGAL TO RIDE THE BUS NAKED IN SF!?!?!?!? the only catch is you have to put a towel down before you set your naked butt down. REAL LIFE.

i find out if i get into grad school in the next few weeks. i dont think i'm getting in because my math and science grades werent so if i dont, i guess i'll start a career or something when i moved back to utah.

ive done a few births since i became a doula...and i love it. it is a little exhausting if i dont get a good nights sleep the night before..but i love it. i love helping the mama through birth. my last one was a scary i was holding her legs for her and the doctor was trying to vacuum the baby out, the heartones kept dropping. and dropping. and her husband was crying. and 9 hours of strong contractions didn't do the trick. they rushed her to the OR for an emergency c-sec. i thought that doctors and nurses only dramatically rushed around on hospital tv shows..but nope. i got a picture of it (because i do birth photography as well) and it is all blurry cuz homies be runnin around EVERYWHERE.
it turned out being a beautiful experience in the end. what a blessing healthy babes are!

my whole fambam is coming out here for will be the first non-white christmas since i was a little girl and lived here. maybe we'll do something craycray and make a snowman sand castle on the beach. so glad i can spill my boring life out once more to all of you.

ps...anyone have suggestions of fun things to do around here? i know theres museums..the beach..the city....

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