Wednesday, April 23, 2008

abra cadabra.

ok so, im in t.a. class listening to mr. gladwell talk and i'm a bit bored out of my mind... but i need to jot down this snippet of a dream i had last night. mind you, i've been reading harry potter religiously since i've never read it before.

so there i was in my house, rushing around because i was late. then i realized, hey.. im magic. so i pulled out this chopstick from my hair or something and it tunrned into a wand. i then said, "accio propel!" and my kiwi-strawberry propel fitness water flew from the counter into my hands. it was too good to be true. i vivdedly remember going up to my room, and began flying things around my room, "accio eye-liner!" and so on.

Harry Potter

i woke up, being extremely thirsty, and had the horrible feeling by realizing it was just a dream, and i didnt have a magical chopstick that could levitate things to me.

talk about a let down.


Kristin May said...

You are crazy.

Tamalyn Kay said...

Hahahahahahaaaaa. I have had many Harry Potter dreams. But that one sounds a little bit more like that one scene from 'Mary Poppins'. You know, where they're tidying up the nursery...