Thursday, April 17, 2008

quoes of the day..from mother

mom: "tony parker..isnt that eva...unlingerie...lingerias...lingeries...boyfriend?"

me: "we should have played an april fools prank on the milk man."
mom: " yeah like put a string the color of cement across the steps so he'd trip and fall on his face. but i'd never do that because i wouldnt wanna wake up in the morning with a dead milkman on my doorstep"

mom: "ohh he's cheating on his girlfriend? darn. dont you wish you were his girlfriend so he could cheat on you?" (then she gave me a thumbs up and shut my door.)


itsjustmom said...

Don't you remember me saying "Don't repeat anything I say" ? ERASE IT

jackie herself said..., you should know we almost ALWAYS repeat you.

Kristin May said...

I actually have a blog entry I haven't published. Its called "don't quote me, don't ever quote me" and so I haven't. But I read it all the time. Don't worry mom. I don't repeat you. But I want to.