Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a big kid now. sorta.

ok so im new to blogger. dont judge me. but anyways.. whats going on in my life.. i have two months left of highschool, then im free. ive been waiting for graduation since the moment i started the seventh grade.
i would always say i couldnt wait to turn 18 so i could:
dye my hair irrational colors,
have no curfew,
and no rules.
just to live on my own and enjoy my private life.
once i realized that im going to be on my own in a few months, i started freaking out and realizing, that im going to be on my own.
no more:
free food,
having my own room,
family night with my family and my obese dog ozzie,
family dinners,
telling my mom every detail about school and the idiots im dating,
hilarious conversations
staying up really late and my dad saying.." yo dude, youre going to school tomorrow. you'll be sorry."
getting yelled at for saying crude things at the dinner table.

so basically, what im saying... is i've always wanted to grow up.
now, im sweatin like a whore in church, and i dont know what im gonna do.


jackie herself said...

you are crass.

itsjustmom said...

A whore in church Nicole? Don't be crude.